The Benefits of Buying Your Meat From The Local Butcher

by | Apr 13, 2020

If you consider yourself as a certified meat lover, you should be making the most of this mouthwatering journey- but, more often than not, the meat you can get from a supermarket just doesn’t cut it.

The best solution is for you to find a local butcher that you can trust and get your supply of high quality meat from, whether it’s for weekly visits to get fresh meat, or to stock up on freezer meat every season.

Not quite convinced? Well, here are the reasons and undeniable benefits of why you should buy your meat from your local butcher:

Local butchers always offer a wide selection of quality products.

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The Benefits of Buying Your Meat From The Local Butcher


The most important thing that distinguishes your local butcher from the nearby supermarket is the freshness of their products. Live animals are slaughtered in their in house facility every couple of days, then cut and ground on the day of your purchase (a lot of local butchers even cut the meat right in front of you), so you know that what you are buying is as fresh as it can get.

Plus, you know exactly where your meat is coming from. Local butchers take great pride in sourcing only the best meat- all natural, humanely raised, free range, antibiotic and hormone free, and right from their trusted local farms and producers.

In terms of the selection itself, local butchers do not shy away from offering rare and lesser known cuts that you will have a hard time finding in your nearby supermarket (especially since they have a tendency to display only the popular ones in the name of profit), and even wild game meats so you can spice up your palate.

You are sure to get reliable and trusted personalized service.

Local butchers are the best when it comes to providing a friendly atmosphere supplemented by approachable and reliable staff whom you can get to know and trust. From their personalized recommendations and tailored information on everything meat related, you know you are taken care of.

One thing that you can get from local butchers and not from supermarkets is the option to request for custom cuts that are perfectly tailored to your needs and specifications. You don’t have to make do with the standard cuts, sizes, and packaging that the supermarkets offer.

And, you get first dibs on seasonal specials, new samples of their processed concoctions, the best artisanal meats, and many more.

It expands your culinary experience.

Purchasing meat from a local butcher is not a simple transactional process, like your weekly grocery trips to the supermarket. From selecting the right meats, to seeing them cut and prepared just the way you like it, to getting much appreciated help from the staff who are always ready to guide you on how to pick, prepare, cook, and serve your meat perfectly, your trip to the butcher is sure to be an enlightening culinary experience.

Moreover, with all that helpful guide and the wide selection of products, you can abandon your apprehensions, and rather, explore and experiment on different cuts and types of meat, whether it’s a wild game meat or a particularly rare cut that you’ve never cooked before.

It’s money well spent.

One misconception when buying from a local butcher as opposed to a supermarket is that it’s more expensive. This is not necessarily true. Sure, in some instances, the costs may seem a little higher, but you are paying for the personalized service and the freshness of the meat, plus, you are getting better quality meat cut in just the way that you’ll get as much out of it as possible.

Besides, you can easily find the right cuts and sizes that fit your budget range. Your local butcher will happily cut your meat however you desire, or offer you a lesser known meat cut that is just as delicious but less expensive, so you don’t have to spend big bucks just to be able to eat gourmet restaurant quality meat.

And, most importantly, when you buy from a local butcher, you are supporting the local industry- small local businesses, from the farmers and producers, to the butchers and meat processors- so you know your money is going to the right place. 

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