Frequently Ask Questions

Where do your products come from?

Our meat products are sourced from USDA approved local producers that we know and trust, and who pasteurize meat and poultry under humane conditions and all-natural production methods, without harmful injections and artificial enhancements. Everything is butchered and processed in house by our skilled butchers and craftsmen.

How do you prepare and process meat?

We combine the best of traditional and modern methods in meat cutting and preparation. All of our meat products are hand cut on the spot and in house by our skilled butchers. The aging, smoking, and processing of meat products such as sausage and jerky are also done in house by our talented craftsmen.

How do you dry your meat?

Our team of highly skilled professionals perform both wet and dry aging up to the highest standards, so you can have many options in choosing meat products that fit your requirements in terms of flavor and tenderness, as well as your budget.

What gives the meat different colors?

Aside from the type of meat (white for poultry, red for beef), there are many factors that affect the meat’s color, such as whether it is fresh or aged, and how it was packaged. Dry aged meat often looks pinkish or brownish, while vacuum sealed meat should be red or purplish.

What meat cuts would you recommend?

This largely depends on your personal preferences, but as a general guide, if you are a beginner, it is a good option to go with the more standard cuts, which are versatile, easy to cook, and almost foolproof.

Do you accommodate custom cuts?

Yes! Custom cuts are our specialty here in Lemmonmade. Our helpful and approachable staff will happily guide you in selecting the best parts and cuts in the sizes, weights, and thickness that fit your needs.

Why can’t I find a specific cut on your online shop?

You might be looking for special order cuts, which are only available on our website and in our stores upon request. Alternatively, the cut you are looking for may be referred to by a different name here in Lemmon. In either case, feel free to contact us so we can assist you.

Where can I buy your products?

You may place an order here on the website, over the phone by dialing (619) 756-5303, or visit our shop at  10131 highway 73, Lemmon, South Dakota. We take online orders 24/7, and in-store or phone orders during our business hours.

Why does it say pre-order when I add a product to my cart?

Some of our meat products are always in high demand and we run out of stock quickly, while some are special order cuts and holiday items that are either only available upon request or for limited time periods. If you wish to order these products, we will let you know the estimated time of availability so you can set your expectations.

How soon can I get my order?

This depends on a couple of factors, such as the quantity of your order, the rarity and demand of the cuts that you want, and whether we have these items in stock. Most of our meat products are readily available at the store or can be prepared while you wait, but it is best to place an order in advance and specify your desired delivery date so we can accommodate you.

In case of delayed delivery, how do I know if the meat is still safe to eat?

Freshly cut unrefrigerated meat stays in good condition for 48 hours, while raw meat in the fridge or ice bed can last for about a week, and frozen meat can last for months, depending on the type of meat. As long as the meat arrives cool to the touch and in its original intact packaging, it is safe to consume.

Why is my meat lighter upon delivery as compared to when I ordered it?

This is most often due to the meat losing some of its moisture or water weight as time passes, which is a normal and common occurrence, especially when the meat is dried, aged, or has a delay in delivery.

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