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We carry the finest quality products in every meat category. From fresh, smoked, processed, and ready to eat meats, everything is locally sourced, USDA inspected and approved, and hand cut right in our live slaughter facility.

 Our specialty at Lemmonmade lies in custom cuts- we cut it just the way you want it. We are committed to delivering quality personalized services and products to cater to your every need.

We are the brand new Butcher shop in town with a state of the art meat processsing facility and want to get to know you

Stop by, call and ask questions because we want a long term relationship with you!


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$ 6.00/lb

Summer Sausage

$ 7.00/lb

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We will maximize your carcass value and send the best cuts possible from your animal.

We pride ourselves in custom cut meats that fit your every need. From standard, classic cuts to premium, lesser known cuts, you want it, we’ll make sure you get it.

Our skilled butchers combine the best of traditional and modern methods from head to tail.

Everything is done right in our live slaughter facility to ensure freshness and quality.



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We schedule slaughters on Tuesday and Friday mornings only.

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We carry a variety of meats in stock. See what you can always find on hand and ready to carry out!


Artisan fresh and smoked sausages made from high quality ground beef and pork, mixed with hand blended authentic spices by our in-house craftsmen


Rich and juicy slabs with perfectly tender meat that slides right off the bone, perfect for grilling, baking, barbecuing, and more


Exceptional quality grade A cuts of shoulder, ham, ribs, loin, chops, and belly from locally sourced and humanely raised hogs for perfectly meaty and tasty meals


Thin cuts of perfectly salted, lean, dried beef sticks in different flavors for the perfect healthy and fuel-boosting snack

Assorted Steak

Hefty servings of strip steak, kansas city steak, new york strip steak, ambassador steak, boneless cub steak, beef sirloin tip steak, breakfast steak, and knuckle steak


Standard and special cuts in deep and delicate flavors and varying degrees of tenderness for pan frying, grilling, oven roasts, and more

Custom Cow

Premium and choice grade beef in the cuts, sizes, and weights of your preference, carefully dry aged for maximum flavor and tenderness

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