We are a prime meat processor and retailer in Lemmon, South Dakota offering top quality services
in custom livestock processing and butchering, and selling only the freshest meat products.

About Lemmonmade Butcher Shop

We are committed to offering our customers only the most superior quality meat in the highest grades, and guarantee customer satisfaction above all.

Our specialty lies in custom cut meats, and we are proud to cater to your specific needs and palates!


We offer the best products.

We are a one of a kind butcher shop where you can get your meat cut or purchase various fresh and processed meats right from our live slaughter facility. We offer a wide variety of meat products, such as fresh meat, smoked meat products, and ready to eat snack meats.

We sell premium quality meat sourced from local producers we know and trust. We only partner with USDA approved meat growers, so you can rest assured that you are always getting fresh, safe, and healthy products.

Our wide range of meat products are sure to match your every need. If what you are looking for is free range, organically raised, additive free, native produce, we are happy to serve you.

Feel free to check out our products page to see the full list of our products and find what’s best for you! We have a great selection of the finest standard and premium cuts of beef, pork, and many more.

Watch out for our weekly specials right here on our website, so you can get the best and the latest deals from us!

We offer the best products.

Since we started the business in 2018, ranchers, producers, and your average grocery shoppers have come to us again and again to use our excellent services and to buy the best meat products on the market.

While we are the “new kid on the block,” we have built a solid reputation in town from our long list of satisfied customers. Whether you are in it for the best tasting meats, the top quality workmanship, or the brand new facilities, there’s no need to drive for 50 miles or more just to avail the kind of service that we provide, because we’ve got it all for you!

Lemmon is a livestock rich locale, and the demand for butchering and processing services is always high. We in Lemmonmade Butcher Shop slaughter and process an average of 36 beef and 20 hogs every month, all raised right here in Lemmon.

Whether you are a new or loyal customer, we are here to guide you in selecting the best meat cuts to suit your needs, and prepare them on the spot so you can see how we prepare the meat while you wait, or deliver your order right to your doorstep for your convenience.


We go above and beyond.

Our highly skilled and friendly butchers cut and trim the meat to perfection right at our slaughter facility, so you know you are always getting the freshest meat products every single time, from producers and butchers you can trust.

We combine the best of traditional and modern methods in cutting, preparing, and processing meat- so you always get the best, and no less. We also have a team of artisan craftsmen in house who handle the delicate process of aging and smoking meat.

We are composed of a professional and approachable team who are always ready to offer helpful advice and instructions on meat cuts, preparation and cooking, and other meat related concerns. Here in Lemmonmade, we are happy to assist you!

As a testament to our high quality workmanship, we are the proud title holder of the Grand Champion Sausage Award from the 2019 Dakota’s Meat Processing Association.

Come visit us at 10131 highway 73, Lemmon, South Dakota, or give us a call at (605) 374-6870 for all your meat related needs. You can also browse our website, lemmonmademeats.com, for more information on our weekly specials or to book an appointment.

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